Will the wonders never cease

I say that with some sarcasm, or facetiously.

On this very blog I’ve ripped into RI Governor Gina Raimondo and he appointing political hacks to reform the Health Insurance Portal in Rhode Island. And how they bungled the UHIP program – the one HP Enterprises walked away from in disgust.

What lands in my email today – now that I’ve relocated out of Rhode Island and into the state of Georgia:

Job Title: Linux Administrator

Job ID : NTTJP00017505               

Duration : 8+ months

Location : Providence, RI


  • The Rhode Island UHIP Project is seeking a talented Linux Administrator to join our project team to provide development and sustainment services for our clients, both pre and post-implementation.

  • This candidate will be a key software developer for the implementation and/or support of various client applications.

  • Responsibilities include working with System Architects and Business Analysts to understand business requirements and solutions architecture.

  • Not only will candidates be joining a project team, they will be joining a team of resources dedicated to delivering client engagements from an off-site location focused on common tools, technologies, and methodologies.

I’ve also gotten job postings for Oracle DB’s on the UHIP project. So now I know what they used for an OS and what DB platform they used. Very interesting.

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