A Medical Odyssey

ObFunny: We were in the grocery store conversing with the cashier when she asked how it was going I said it’s been a hell of an Odyssey over someones medical issues. She didn’t know what an Odyssey was so I explained it was an epic journey of sorts.

Well this medical odyssey – Someone (Not me) was having anal leakage all over the place. I’ve never cleaned up so much shit and blood in my life. A few days ago someone managed to get blood all over one of the bathrooms. A little bleach and water later and all cleaned up.

Two days later we present at the local Emergency Room – at 5:32PM. Final discharge time at 4:30AM. So eleven hours to find out he likely contracted a C. Diff infection when he was in the hospital a couple weeks ago. The treatment is cipro 500mg and metronidazole 500mg twice a day for seven days then probiotics to rebuild the wiped out gut microflora/microbiome.

But I feel bad for my guy – he’s been through a lot in the last eight months. I’m trying to be more patient about it, letting my sense of humor come out and play things like that. Event the initial doc we saw, well he was a student but still he was a good egg. So too the attending. I have to say the doctors at Emory Healthcare are good people. They don’t insult ones intelligence either. I appreciate that very much.

Now I know this will be about $4,000 for the visit. But I’m going to challenge it because as our good friends boyfriend said, they caused the infection, they should cover the ER visit. I tend to agree with him so when the bill comes I’m going to call and challenge it, saying their sloppy practices caused the issue and why should I have to pay for their fuck up. If they put up a fight I’ll get my attorney to call them. Because I’m a firm believe in if you broke it, you pay for it, not me.

2 thoughts on “A Medical Odyssey

  1. One thing that’s always bothered me about the health care industry is that it’s the only one where if they screw up and don’t fix what’s wrong, you STILL have to pay them. The system would be a lot different and possibly a lot better if they didn’t get paid if they didn’t cure the problem.

    1. Yes indeed – imagine if you will if we just extended say Medicare to everyone. That was the original intention of the program btw. And here’s another thing, know what the overhead to administer Medicare/Medicaid is? 3%. Know what it is for the private insurance industry, 20+%.

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