Dealing with Internal Combustion Fan Boys on YouTube

So here’s something I’m paraphrasing  from a little fun I’m having with ICE fan boy on YouTube:

I said that we should have government subsidy instead of incentives or in addition. This idiot called The Immoral replied:

You mean coal powered cars?

And I replied that it was a nice ad hominem to which The Immortal replied:
It’s not ad hominen.
You clearly don’t understand the meaning of the term.

I beg to differ. He’s obviously a pawn in the oil industry. The Immortal then goes on to say that the power/weight ratio of electric vehicles is awful.

To which I replied:
@The Immortal Chevy Bolt is 1.5 tons. A Tesla Model 3 is 1.6 to 2 tons. And you clearly don’t know what it is I’m talking about here. Ever see an electric car smoke the heck out of cars with IC engines? I have. Power/weight is meaningless there.
Fin, bon mot, etc.

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