Drowning in a river of well you know

So the other day I posted about the Proctitis that someone had – and how it was caused by a hospital acquired Clostridium Difficil infection aka C. Diff.

One thing I will say about C. Diff. is that it is literally a recipe for drowning in a river of shit. I mean really. I’ve never seen so much in my lifetime. And I’m fairly inured to vomit, blood, shit etc. I mean all over the place. Who knew a little intestinal nasty could be so, well nasty.

And I’ve had to clean up so much shit. I filched some nitrile gloves from the hospital but those are gone now. Now it’s just hot water and soap every time I deal with the pure torrent of shit that comes out someones nether regions. Not when he’s conscious and sitting up oh no, when he tries to sleep it leaks out his nether regions like some pestilential magma from the pits of hell.

I’ll be happy when we finally get him on the antibiotics and maybe this will dry things up some. Though I know on that antibiotics, specifically Cipro 500mg are pretty broad spectrum and non-discriminatory to the microbiome in the gut but still. Now I have to figure out what the hell is pro-biotic.

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