Month: March 2019

Oh my allergies again

Well my eyes are itching, my throat is itching, my sinuses feel like they’re on fire. It’s allergy season in Georgia.

Gotta pick up some antihistamine. I was warned it comes early down here and no doubt. Thing is with post nasal drip – the sinuses then get involved and it’s no god damned fun.

Interesting stuff this week

Well this week so far has been interesting. First there’s the fact that someone has been suffering from enterovirus problems. And my mind when that happens stops wondering if the plethora of medications he’s taking might be exacerbating the problem.

Then the gears start turning and I recall something about statins – they have him on statins because they SAY his cholesterol is high. Now I’ve read a lot about statins and the net effect is they don’t do much except give one what I euphemistically call the Hershey Squirts aka diarrhea.

So for the time being he’s off the avorastatin. Because the side effects of that particular bit of nastiness is the Hershey Squirts.

In the job search the company I spoke with last week emailed, they’re still interested in me. Plus I have another headhunter phone screen tomorrow. Something has to give soon.

Making a new canine friend


The above photo is one of Sugar, our friend Ky’s Boyfriends Grandmothers dog. They’re watching her for the weekend.

It appears I’ve made a new pal in Sugar. That photo above is her sleeping right next to me.

Other photos:


Yeah – dogs like cats know when you’re wearing black. The above is sugar asleep atop me. She’s a sweet dog. Alas not ours. But getting to share this cutie over the weekend was great.


Pondering Robo-Callers and other things

So today while we were in the car our friends phone rang not once but twice with robo-callers trying to hawk stuff.

It was then I had the thought – I wonder how secure those robo-diallers are. Just imagine being able to hack into one and be able to change the outgoing message to something totally rude and dismissive of the telemarketer. Here’s a script I imagined you might put on the robo-caller:

“Hey there I’m a rude fucking robot and I’ve been hacked. Heap all your scorn and derision upon the businesses participating in this service. HaveĀ  blessed day.”

That last part was because a cashier in a supermarket said that to me. I thanked her for it. She was being very pleasant and I saw no reason to go into Atheist beast mode. It’s a lesson I learned when I was a kid to choose my battles.

I noticed something else down here in Georgia, people are friendlier than I’d been told to expect. Really nice change from the northeast.