Month: April 2019

Thinking about cars

This was brought on by Kelly Blue Book saying what the best cars under $5K were. And seeing a Mazda Miata for $400 with no engine or transmission. I’d chuck a five speed, electric motor and battery pack in that baby.

I looked at a Mazda 3, but then I started looking at the Mazda MX-5 aka Miata. I can pick one up for relatively short money. So too a Mercedes Benz SLK and even a BMW Z3. All of them are coupes, and I could purchase all three with just shy of $30K. They’re all used of course but still. Three drop-tops. Take them out on alternate days. Totally impractical family cars but that’s the very point of it.

The only issue is most of the homes here have a two car garage. So one would have to live in the driveway. Oh the pain.

And in the housing thing, found one with 8 bedrooms, that includes 2 master bedrooms and the bathroom of one of the masters has a sauna in it. Yeah I know. It’s been on the market for 31 days and $298K and I bet it’s gonna get another price drop. Hopefully it’ll hold out for a year.

Cross thy fingers

So last Thursday I went to an in person interview at a major cable media company. I was told by the headhunter that the interview went and I quote “very well”.

I should know tomorrow whether or not I got the job. This is the one with the 4/10 schedule and the one where one quarter a year I’d be doing 3rd shift. From what I was told lots of people on 3rd watch Netflix. I must have looked a little aghast on that one because I said “I’d likely be browsing Brian Kreb’s security site online, that and Reddit Tales of Tech Support.” They liked that answer btw.

So cross your fingers maybe I get this job. Plus being a 4 day 10 hour means I get three day weekends and well, I’ve been advocating for that for some time. Plus the pay isn’t too shabby either. And the budget I put together I’m finding it’ll cost less to rent/lease for 12 to 15 months and then just buy our own place. It really will be interesting.

The general uselessness of United Way

There was a time in my past when I worked for the state that I gave charitable contributions to United Way. No more. Let me explain why – I’m pretty sure I have a job but the deadline set for us is either the 1st or the 15th or who the fuck knows.

So we’ve been calling everywhere. Including United Way 211 twice. As I am wont to say they are as useless as tits on a bull. All we need is a place in the Atlanta area where we can lay our head for a couple weeks. That’s all of our contingency plan. Because you got to have a plan in this land of milk and honey. And a plan on top of the plan, and so on, and so on.

A gripe about dishwashing machines

So we’ve had dishwashers in the past. They’re big, bulky and prone to spewing plate ejecta all over everything. We had a portable one and I ended up chucking in the dumpster.

But here’s what I want in a dishwasher – one where the top rack gets washed/dried too. I’m sorry but a heating element in the base of the machine doesn’t cut it. When you find yourself having to towel off the dishes as you take them out there’s something VERY wrong there.

I do understand if you wanted to say put a blower inside the unit it would increase the cost but to have dried dishes is worth what you’d pay for it. And while I’m on the subject perhaps a food particle catch bin or some sort would be nice too.

Robo-Calls are completely out of control

So talking to a friend of ours tonight she mentioned robo-calls are getting out of control.

I’ve said it here the reason is because you can spoof Caller-ID fairly easily these days. It’s all due to the fact that the phone system back when all of it was Ma Bell and there was a trust that data being passed between switches was trusted.

But as I said to her you just know the robo-call software or hardware – it uses a PIN of four digits or less. So it’d be pretty trivial to hack into one of the bastards systems. Then the fun could begin.

And the trust – there should have been federal law that require enforcement of CLID data. But then our legislators are not scientists nor I.T. people so why should I expect they’d understand anything about how the phone systems work.

Don’t call me with an unknown number

I say this because my hackles are raised anytime tries to call me with their number blocked. Why? Come on do I really have to tell you why?

So the tactic I take if I deign to answer is one of stridency and flippancy. If you’re going to try to sell me something you’re sure as hell going to get me at my rudest.

Even sales calls with the number fully displayed – I either hang up or decide to have a little fun and abuse the caller. I figure if I’m that rude to enough of them they might decide they’re in the wrong business.

That stridency and flippancy got someone and I into a bit of a shouting match earlier today. You see – when I ask if you’re calling to sell me something, to talk about a job, or to collect something from me I have to ask those question and when you answer NO to all of them I start getting really, really, really rude. Not rude to talking about their mother but just sort of ultra-precise with language and well someone says my tone changes. I’ve always been accused of that btw, even when I was very young.

You know, don’t take that tone with me. Ha right – I I’m taking that tone with you it was likely because you were being an ass. Now of course I take that tone with people who call trying to hawk shit.

Happy Ostara aka Easter

You know, yet another holy day that Christians and Catholics hijacked to make it their own.

It’s funny we’re staying with a friend and we’re both in the I.T./I.S. field and both atheists. But we were both brought up in Christian faiths. And some of the things from it are hard to shake off. But we manage.

It’s pretty peaceful in the house too. And tomorrow I have lunch with one firm interested in me.

Doing benefit analysis for jobs

So I am up for two jobs. The span of pay between them is about $100,000. Here’s what I got so far:

$55,000$95,000$145,000Gross Pay
$35,750$61,750$94,250Net Pay Annual
$2,979$5,146$7,854Net by month
$894$1,544$2,356Housing Potential Rent
$2,085$3,602$6,954Sub after housing
$70$70$70Net service
$860$860$860Total Expenses
$875$2,392$5,744Less car payment
650650650Ttl Vehicle Expense
$575$2,092$5,444Surplus Per Month
$6,905$25,105$65,330Per Year
$45,218Average Savings

So as you an see – even on $55,000 a year I do alright. And the assumptions here are based on our experience thus far. However where it gets interesting is the yearly savings. Between just shy $7K and $65K or an average of $45K. With the $145K I’d have almost enough to buy a new BMW X3. That might be doable.

However we’re only planning to rent for a year or so – then get hooked up with NACA and get this, the $55K a year – is under the DeKalb County MSA of $68K which means the NACA subsidies would be significant.