Cat issue resolved

My friend got a nice dog crate – it’s huge. Snaps together pretty quickly and now that’s Angie the cat’s residence.

It had to come to this I suppose. But what my accounting mind is wondering about is the crate was about $30. I know the litter Angie is accustomed to is $17, and a litter pan would be about $10. So that totals $27. Ah well – one way to solve the issue of her shitting and pissing everywhere.

4 thoughts on “Cat issue resolved

    1. Well you just need to learn how to handle them. It’s pretty easy. And I prefer cats over dogs because while a cat may scratch up the sofa, the dog through neuroses will eat the sofa.

  1. Check into clicker training. It’s what zoos, aquariums, and animal sanctuaries use for their ambassadors. I have been using it since 2007 for my cats, and I think it’s the greatest thing ever for our pets.

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