Guerilla Coffee Making

So the French press as they are wont to do – the glass cylinder emerged from the dishwasher with a hole in it.

So I had been using a rather large tea ball but the quality of that coffee was a little too light. Then I remembered something. Get the coffee ground as small as possible then heat the water to 190-195F. Dump the coffee in there. I clock it for 4 or 5 minutes. Let the coffee extract. What happens is that the freshly ground coffee sinks to the bottom of the pan. Perfect. Just like in a French press. Only you don’t NEED the French press. All you need is a pot with about a half gallon of water and maybe 3 or so ounces of ground coffee.

What you end up with is Alcune tazze di caffè perfette. Or if you prefer it in Spanish Unas cuantas tazas de café perfectas.

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