An inverted when it rains it pours on the job front

So for months I just ran into idiocy after idiocy. But now I have two companies that want to bring me for in person interviews. Now I can sell myself well enough on a phone interview I know that for a fact. And I’ve been told by one of those parties that my resume is and I quote “Very impressive”. Now I call in-person interviews troll checks. They want to be sure I’m not a troll. And if you think I can sell myself on the phone, when in person I’m even better.

And what is interesting about both is I gave them my full length resume that even at six pages drops two positions I’d held. So my initial estimate was right, I get more interest with a six page resume than I do with a three page resume with details removed. This is despite advice given by a good friend that I should make it as short as possible. It’s awfully hard to do that when you have close to three decades of experience.

So I guess I was right – my compressed resume got me nothing but head hunters. My expanded resume got me the resultant phone interviews which got me in person troll checks. Nice!

Wish me luck – only in my case I know of the two I’ll likely end up with offers from the two. And then it’s a case of who’ll pay me more. I love it when it works that way. And one of the jobs, it’s a four day work week and rotates 1st, 2nd, 3rd shift every quarter. I think I’ll like having three day weekends all year and shaking it up every now and then.

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