On pay differences

So the positions I’m up for pay between $55K and $120K. Now here’s the thing, our friend told us about NACA and how if you make below the amount for your counties MSA then NACA will subsidize your home purchase.

So doing the math – $55K after tax is $35,750 or $2979 a month. Now if I do 30% for rent it comes to about $800. That leaves $2179. Figure power, water, gas, a car payment, insurance and food I get about $800 a month surplus. Of course gasoline probably will take a couple hundred of that.

But the beauty is NACA will subsidize because it’s under the MSA amount for county.

We’ll see a) Who gets to me first and makes an offer and b) Do I buy a used car – the story has changed. First I was told just buy something new then I’m told get used. I prefer the used car because change the hoses, belts, filter and oil and depending on the make and model it’ll last forever.

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