Reading the Mueller Report

So I have to say just the first two pages has me asking a specific question. It pretty much establishes that the Russians in the form of their government interfered in the 2016 Presidential election in the United States.

But the question I have is what was the motivation of the Russians – who put them up to hacking the Clinton campaign? That’s what I really want to know and who commissioned the parties who performed the hacks?

Just the first two pages are damning enough to the Trump Presidency. And the media is already having a field day with it. Don’t be surprised if congress finds its balls and finally moves to impeach.

Recall if you will the kerfufle about Hillary Clinton having her own email server. Um – that went away mighty quickly. And it’s funny I was interviewing for an Information Security job and I explained that InfoSec is similar to an onion, it not only includes hardware, software, networks but people. I pride myself on every place I’ve worked informing people that if their hackles are raised report it to I.T. immediately.

But anyhow back to the Russians. I’ve studied a bit about Russian culture and from my not so humble view the country is headed for disaster eventually. And the culture is a sick one – because of the fact they allowed Oligarchs complete and utter control, and the Russian Orthodox Church is fully on-board with the Oligarchs. I don’t think the Russians did this out of the kindness of their hearts – I think they did it because money changed hands. What we need to determine is who paid the money. Because then you an connect it directly to the President. Because the Petulant Man Child In Chief needs to be ejected from the White House post haste.

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