What really frosts me

It’s when I get emails like this:

We came across your resume on one of the job seeking websites. As if right now, our company have a few open positions to offer. If you are interested, we have provided all information needed with the file attached.Should you be interested the position, please reply to our Hiring Manager.Best Regards!

The job description:
We please to tell you of a great opportunity you’ve earned.
We are seeking for an investment consultant in the USA to bring the agency in this market…

They go on to say make $8000 per month which if you do the math is $96,000 a year.

Ut si. Nope. I shot back the following: ”
You obviously did not peruse my resume. Had you done so you would not have reached out to me with a posting to be a financial consultant.  “

The fact the language in the posting is so wonky I know it’s a scam. Thanks for playing.

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