Doing benefit analysis for jobs

So I am up for two jobs. The span of pay between them is about $100,000. Here’s what I got so far:

$55,000$95,000$145,000Gross Pay
$35,750$61,750$94,250Net Pay Annual
$2,979$5,146$7,854Net by month
$894$1,544$2,356Housing Potential Rent
$2,085$3,602$6,954Sub after housing
$70$70$70Net service
$860$860$860Total Expenses
$875$2,392$5,744Less car payment
650650650Ttl Vehicle Expense
$575$2,092$5,444Surplus Per Month
$6,905$25,105$65,330Per Year
$45,218Average Savings

So as you an see – even on $55,000 a year I do alright. And the assumptions here are based on our experience thus far. However where it gets interesting is the yearly savings. Between just shy $7K and $65K or an average of $45K. With the $145K I’d have almost enough to buy a new BMW X3. That might be doable.

However we’re only planning to rent for a year or so – then get hooked up with NACA and get this, the $55K a year – is under the DeKalb County MSA of $68K which means the NACA subsidies would be significant.

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