Don’t call me with an unknown number

I say this because my hackles are raised anytime tries to call me with their number blocked. Why? Come on do I really have to tell you why?

So the tactic I take if I deign to answer is one of stridency and flippancy. If you’re going to try to sell me something you’re sure as hell going to get me at my rudest.

Even sales calls with the number fully displayed – I either hang up or decide to have a little fun and abuse the caller. I figure if I’m that rude to enough of them they might decide they’re in the wrong business.

That stridency and flippancy got someone and I into a bit of a shouting match earlier today. You see – when I ask if you’re calling to sell me something, to talk about a job, or to collect something from me I have to ask those question and when you answer NO to all of them I start getting really, really, really rude. Not rude to talking about their mother but just sort of ultra-precise with language and well someone says my tone changes. I’ve always been accused of that btw, even when I was very young.

You know, don’t take that tone with me. Ha right – I I’m taking that tone with you it was likely because you were being an ass. Now of course I take that tone with people who call trying to hawk shit.

One thought on “Don’t call me with an unknown number

  1. We routinely get calls from the Far East telling us our internet has been compromised (it isn’t and hasn’t) but they want to get access to our computer to rob us of money we don’t have. They always start the conversation by telling me their name is “Mike” or “Norman” – my conversation usually starts with – “okay let’s get real, for a start your real name isn’t Norman” – this totally throws them and they hang up.

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