Cross thy fingers

So last Thursday I went to an in person interview at a major cable media company. I was told by the headhunter that the interview went and I quote “very well”.

I should know tomorrow whether or not I got the job. This is the one with the 4/10 schedule and the one where one quarter a year I’d be doing 3rd shift. From what I was told lots of people on 3rd watch Netflix. I must have looked a little aghast on that one because I said “I’d likely be browsing Brian Kreb’s security site online, that and Reddit Tales of Tech Support.” They liked that answer btw.

So cross your fingers maybe I get this job. Plus being a 4 day 10 hour means I get three day weekends and well, I’ve been advocating for that for some time. Plus the pay isn’t too shabby either. And the budget I put together I’m finding it’ll cost less to rent/lease for 12 to 15 months and then just buy our own place. It really will be interesting.

2 thoughts on “Cross thy fingers

  1. If this “major cable media company” is DISH, RUN, do not WALK in the opposite direction as quickly as possible!

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