Thinking about cars

This was brought on by Kelly Blue Book saying what the best cars under $5K were. And seeing a Mazda Miata for $400 with no engine or transmission. I’d chuck a five speed, electric motor and battery pack in that baby.

I looked at a Mazda 3, but then I started looking at the Mazda MX-5 aka Miata. I can pick one up for relatively short money. So too a Mercedes Benz SLK and even a BMW Z3. All of them are coupes, and I could purchase all three with just shy of $30K. They’re all used of course but still. Three drop-tops. Take them out on alternate days. Totally impractical family cars but that’s the very point of it.

The only issue is most of the homes here have a two car garage. So one would have to live in the driveway. Oh the pain.

And in the housing thing, found one with 8 bedrooms, that includes 2 master bedrooms and the bathroom of one of the masters has a sauna in it. Yeah I know. It’s been on the market for 31 days and $298K and I bet it’s gonna get another price drop. Hopefully it’ll hold out for a year.

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