Month: April 2019

On pay differences

So the positions I’m up for pay between $55K and $120K. Now here’s the thing, our friend told us about NACA and how if you make below the amount for your counties MSA then NACA will subsidize your home purchase.

So doing the math – $55K after tax is $35,750 or $2979 a month. Now if I do 30% for rent it comes to about $800. That leaves $2179. Figure power, water, gas, a car payment, insurance and food I get about $800 a month surplus. Of course gasoline probably will take a couple hundred of that.

But the beauty is NACA will subsidize because it’s under the MSA amount for county.

We’ll see a) Who gets to me first and makes an offer and b) Do I buy a used car – the story has changed. First I was told just buy something new then I’m told get used. I prefer the used car because change the hoses, belts, filter and oil and depending on the make and model it’ll last forever.

What really frosts me

It’s when I get emails like this:

We came across your resume on one of the job seeking websites. As if right now, our company have a few open positions to offer. If you are interested, we have provided all information needed with the file attached.Should you be interested the position, please reply to our Hiring Manager.Best Regards!

The job description:
We please to tell you of a great opportunity you’ve earned.
We are seeking for an investment consultant in the USA to bring the agency in this market…

They go on to say make $8000 per month which if you do the math is $96,000 a year.

Ut si. Nope. I shot back the following: ”
You obviously did not peruse my resume. Had you done so you would not have reached out to me with a posting to be a financial consultant.  “

The fact the language in the posting is so wonky I know it’s a scam. Thanks for playing.

Reading the Mueller Report

So I have to say just the first two pages has me asking a specific question. It pretty much establishes that the Russians in the form of their government interfered in the 2016 Presidential election in the United States.

But the question I have is what was the motivation of the Russians – who put them up to hacking the Clinton campaign? That’s what I really want to know and who commissioned the parties who performed the hacks?

Just the first two pages are damning enough to the Trump Presidency. And the media is already having a field day with it. Don’t be surprised if congress finds its balls and finally moves to impeach.

Recall if you will the kerfufle about Hillary Clinton having her own email server. Um – that went away mighty quickly. And it’s funny I was interviewing for an Information Security job and I explained that InfoSec is similar to an onion, it not only includes hardware, software, networks but people. I pride myself on every place I’ve worked informing people that if their hackles are raised report it to I.T. immediately.

But anyhow back to the Russians. I’ve studied a bit about Russian culture and from my not so humble view the country is headed for disaster eventually. And the culture is a sick one – because of the fact they allowed Oligarchs complete and utter control, and the Russian Orthodox Church is fully on-board with the Oligarchs. I don’t think the Russians did this out of the kindness of their hearts – I think they did it because money changed hands. What we need to determine is who paid the money. Because then you an connect it directly to the President. Because the Petulant Man Child In Chief needs to be ejected from the White House post haste.

An inverted when it rains it pours on the job front

So for months I just ran into idiocy after idiocy. But now I have two companies that want to bring me for in person interviews. Now I can sell myself well enough on a phone interview I know that for a fact. And I’ve been told by one of those parties that my resume is and I quote “Very impressive”. Now I call in-person interviews troll checks. They want to be sure I’m not a troll. And if you think I can sell myself on the phone, when in person I’m even better.

And what is interesting about both is I gave them my full length resume that even at six pages drops two positions I’d held. So my initial estimate was right, I get more interest with a six page resume than I do with a three page resume with details removed. This is despite advice given by a good friend that I should make it as short as possible. It’s awfully hard to do that when you have close to three decades of experience.

So I guess I was right – my compressed resume got me nothing but head hunters. My expanded resume got me the resultant phone interviews which got me in person troll checks. Nice!

Wish me luck – only in my case I know of the two I’ll likely end up with offers from the two. And then it’s a case of who’ll pay me more. I love it when it works that way. And one of the jobs, it’s a four day work week and rotates 1st, 2nd, 3rd shift every quarter. I think I’ll like having three day weekends all year and shaking it up every now and then.

More on the kitty crate

So apparently it didn’t cost anything, our friends sister had it and gave it to us. That’s very nice of her.

What I found out is the carpet at the bottom of the cage – it’s able to be washed so too the bed. Nice. Yesterday I did a massive cleaning – took the foam out of the carpet and it and the bed went into the washer on gentle cycle then into the dryer on the same gentle cycle. The foam pad was left in full sunshine for a couple of hours. Sunshine is excellent and killing any nastiness that might have been in there.

The cat seems happier with a clean cage. Now don’t get me wrong I’d been cleaning out the puppy pads, replacing water and food etc. But I guess even a cat knows when it’s time to do a thorough cleaning. I figure I’ll do that once a week or two.

Guerilla Coffee Making

So the French press as they are wont to do – the glass cylinder emerged from the dishwasher with a hole in it.

So I had been using a rather large tea ball but the quality of that coffee was a little too light. Then I remembered something. Get the coffee ground as small as possible then heat the water to 190-195F. Dump the coffee in there. I clock it for 4 or 5 minutes. Let the coffee extract. What happens is that the freshly ground coffee sinks to the bottom of the pan. Perfect. Just like in a French press. Only you don’t NEED the French press. All you need is a pot with about a half gallon of water and maybe 3 or so ounces of ground coffee.

What you end up with is Alcune tazze di caffè perfette. Or if you prefer it in Spanish Unas cuantas tazas de café perfectas.

Yet Another Fritata

So I had been jonesing for something more than just fried, scrambled, poached etc. eggs.

Then I remembered Fritata. All it is a red bell pepper roughly chopped, a green bell pepper done the same way. De-seeded and ribbed both peppers.

Then had some sliced baby bella mushooms, a chopped white onion, garlic, crushed red pepper flakes, salt and pepper. Also six eggs and some finely chopped or grated cheese and all scrambled together.

Then into a pan with a couple tablespoons of unsalted butter additional pink salt and pepper. Sauteed all of it for about 15 minutes over medium high heat.

Once that’s done it goes into a well greased cast iron pan. Of course grease it with butter. Add the egg and cheese mixture to pan. Then into the oven at 400F for about 15 minutes.

A good shopping night

Well – we went shopping for food. Spent an entirety of $110 and got the following:

  1. Four bone in skin on chicken breasts
  2. A dozen bone in skin on chicken thighs
  3. 2Lbs of ground beef
  4. Fat Back
  5. Bok Choy
  6. Spinach
  7. Tomatoes
  8. Kumatoes
  9. Strawberries
  10. Marble Cheese
  11. 4.5Lb of red cabbage
  12. Cucumbers
  13. Fancy Mixed Nuts 2 pkgs of them.
  14. Pretzels
  15. Butter Popcorn
  16. Unsalted Butter
  17. Salted Butter
  18. Heavy Cream

And a few other things. Not a bad price if you ask me. We hit this little Asian chain store called Nam Dae Mun and then Food Depot. And the butter and heavy cream – well I like some unsalted or even salted butter and cream in my coffee.

It’s really interesting food wise down here in the greater Atlanta area. All these places, Food Depot, Kroger, Publix, Nam Dae Mun, Your DeKalb Farmers Market you name it they’ve got it.

And it’s very black all around here which I’m fine with, because in my experience black people are so much more friendly than my fellow white people.

Kitty Comfy

So this is the solution we had to stop Angie the feline resident from:

A) Interacting with other cats in residence

B) Pissing and shitting in one specific room of the house where the kitty litter box was 8 feet away.

So the solution was a crate with a bed for the cat. As you can clearly see from this photo Angie likes it.

Just sleeping which a cat is wont to do. Has food, water and a pad to do her business on and gets changed when it is soiled. It’s the best we could do I suppose.

New Old Music added this week

First up we’ve got The Blow Monkeys with Digging Your Scene:

General Public with Tenderness:

Marvin Gaye – a talent that is sorely missed with Mercy Mercy Me:

Marvin Gaye with What’s Going On:

Marvin Gaye with Got to Give it Up:

That’s just a small smattering of what got added to my library this week. Just filling in gaps in my library there. And The Blow Monkeys that was just something YouTube recommended to me. I remember it back in the day.