Month: April 2019

Cat issue resolved

My friend got a nice dog crate – it’s huge. Snaps together pretty quickly and now that’s Angie the cat’s residence.

It had to come to this I suppose. But what my accounting mind is wondering about is the crate was about $30. I know the litter Angie is accustomed to is $17, and a litter pan would be about $10. So that totals $27. Ah well – one way to solve the issue of her shitting and pissing everywhere.

The cat is driving me crazy

So Angie the cat now will be permanently residing in the cat carrier. I’ve had enough, having to clean up piss and shit every day.

She’ll be allowed water and food every other day. She can relieve herself right in the carrier. It’s either that or she goes outside.

Granted – I know the reason she’s doing this and it’s based on obstinacy of another party. But I’m powerless to do anything about that. As I said If I could rub two nickels together and get thousands from it I’d do it, but since I know that’s damned near impossible I cannot get her the litter she likes, nor limit her to being a single cat in the house.

I’m seriously lamenting even bringing her here. I keep thinking maybe I should have adopted her out, or put her in the pound. But then the better angel tells me I cannot do that. I feel as though I’m Sysiphus – when all that is necessary is a little help.


Interesting Linux Knowledge

So a headhunter had me do an evaluation of my Linux skills.

My top most proficiency is in:

Kernel & Boot Management

Organizing Networked Systems

Security Configuration

Network Configuration


And Apache HTTP server Configuration

Makes complete and utter sense – it did sub-rate me on BASH shell but there are things I know about BASH that the test didn’t ask. Oh well.