The Odyssey Continues

So we needed to get test strips for a glucometer. But since cash is short we ended up at Mercy Care. Imagine my shock at seeing their founders were the Sisters of Mercy – I was educated by nuns of that order.

But anyhow they took someones blood pressure and of course off the charts again. Now when I take it, it’s normal. Even had the laptop with me and showed the nurse practitioner. All this to get test strips which of course we did NOT get. Instead yet another blood pressure medication and some lancets. I swear the universe is telling me, go get a god damned medical degree.

He also has some edema in the lower legs – and I mentioned something. I said he has diminished kidney function – so what happens to all the fluid but it pools in the lower extremities. That got their attention. I also mentioned his other symptom the light headed feeling he gets. Perhaps the blood gets so diluted that it causes a slight hypoxic effect.

We’ll see. Pickup the new BP medication on Monday.

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