Today’s Odd Religious Experience

So this morning after breakfast we had to hit the chapel. A woman was asking about things like sin and what is considered sin.

I mentioned sloth. She thanked me for it and expounded on it. But then communion – I couldn’t. Not because I’m no longer a Christian but because she pulls out grape juice. Yeah grape juice. Doesn’t even say the incantation over it.

It rather surprised me how old school I am about this. I mean come on, use wine it won’t kill us. And say some magic words for the transubstantiation to take hold. I mean honestly they expect grape juice and a cracker will do it? I think not.

One thought on “Today’s Odd Religious Experience

  1. It must be a new generation thing, but most of the churches I attended just used grape juice for communion… lol, except for this brethren church – but they were very old school, in more ways than I can count.

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