Living in an environment steeped in Christianity

So for the past few months we’ve been in the Altanta, GA area. And I gotta say the Christian thing is starting to grate on my nerves. It’s funny I went to a Bible Study class the other day and they were using the NIV. I brought up the KJV and asked since many translated all this were we to believe it hasn’t undergone the same in the past. That got the leader of the group stuttering. I just love being the little poison pill in things like that. If can cause anyone some doubt I’ve done my job.

The attended a philosophy class. That was fun. We’re dancing around the religion issue but the question asked at the last meet was “What changes would we see if men could get pregnant?” The woman teaching the class thought it was a sort of silly one. I piped up that were that to come true, all the bloviating and opposition to contraceptives and abortion would no longer be an issue.

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