This weeks fun medical story

Let us go on a journey together into what I believe is wrong with the medical system he in the United States.

The spouse and I have been suffering symptoms that could easily be either salmonella poisoning or c. Diff. Looking at the symptoms I lean toward the latter.

When I relayed my symptoms to the NPC or Nurse Practitioner she immediately jumped to a Hepatitis A infection. But later she came out an asked me about one element of my narrative I’d told her. You see Hep A takes at least a month before symptoms start showing. Mine started this past Friday. And the transmission vector was a food worker who came out of a stall in the bathroom an skipped the sink, soap and water and headed straight back to the kitchen.

But here’s what annoys me they could have corrected the diagnosis right then and there. But nope – just something to stop what I euphemistically call the Hershey Squirts . So the underlying issue won’t get treated for about another week. Ut si!

And the spouse – I told him you only give a doctor or NP just enough information. In his case anytime he’s in a medical setting his blood pressure goes nuts. So that opens up what I term fishing expeditions, he’s had EKG’s, Echocariograms, etc. They keep thinking it’s congestive heart failure. But he DOES NOT HAVE symptoms of such. It makes me crazy that medicine can be so wrong all the time.

2 thoughts on “This weeks fun medical story

  1. I have the same issue with BP your partner has, as soon as I get anywhere near a clinic or hospital my BP spikes. At home it’s generally under 125/75, but when they take it at the clinic it’s up around 145/80 or higher and they start talking about messing around with my medication again.

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