The place we’re staying

Has certain requirements. Like meeting with what they call Ambassadors weekly or bi-weekly. Our particular Ambassador is in two words fucking useless.

I had this on Ambassador say to my spouse and I maybe I should stop pursuing my I.T. career and get a job in a shoe store, or a burger place etc. I said are you fucking serious? At that point I got the spouse up and said “We have to leave now.”

Then he said it’s a crisis situation to which I replied “My hands around your neck would be a crisis.”

The result – now this Ambassador knows I’m not one to be pushed like that because I push back.
Ut fucking si. Who the fuck does this dude think he is? I’d ID and tag him on here but I know google scrapes this site. I get to meet with him again on the 4th of June. That is going to be a fun one.

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