Month: June 2019

Interesting tidbits

So I’m known as knowing IT very well around here. My reputation is one where nobody crosses me.

I’ve presented a class on the History of Computing and Counting Systems. Got quite a few compliments on that one. Next I want to teach them to code, likely using Python. It’s great fun.

Start the new job on the 24th of the month. I’m sort of excited by the prospect. Even had another interview over Skype with a headhunter – it was supposed to be for 30 minutes but she and I went on for a full hour. I had her laughing like crazy – I suppose had I been a straight guy I would have gotten a date. But alas, that’s not to be.

When talking to someone makes your brain hurt/weep

So after dinner this evening we had a rather lengthy discussion with a fellow gay man.

Some of the things this man espouses – that the moon landings were faked (I KNOW they weren’t) that Reptilians control us, that he’s seen UFO’s in Kansas and Nevada (Near a high military presence area no less.) or even how genetic testing isn’t accurate etc. My favorite though is the whole alien visitation thing. Now I’ve put forth it’s either aliens traveling vast interstellar distances, or it could be time travelers from the future but then I realize the latter would violate another of my beliefs that we cannot travel to the future because it hasn’t happened yet.

Then of course the spouse says myself and the other guy are coming at it from opposite ends of experience. Yeah like I had family members involved in the Apollo missions, I have actually stood inside a fusion reactor, and worked in a genomics lab where the process of retrieving and amplifying DNA sounds a lot like color film development, which I’ve done in the past.

It just makes my brain ache and weep because I know deep down we’re all maleducated dolts.

Some sage advice in the business world

  1. Alway, I mean always be nice to headhunters even if they are an added layer of parasites in the job market.
  2. Always get to know the HR folks. Seriously – any trouble coming down the pike they’ll let you know.
  3. Always get in good with the financial and accounting folks. They’ll tell you the real story.

A New Job

I start in two weeks. I ‘ll be a Senior Linux Engineer for a big retail company. Glory fucking be!

Now this one moved very quickly. Had an echo laden Skype call with their I.T. leader on Sunday. They brought me in for an in-person interview on Monday. Today I got the news that I got the job.

One of the things during the interview – I was thanked for recommending various other tools that could be used to monitor availability beyond ICMP Ping. And I noted one of the two people interviewing, every time I’d answer a question would nod in agreement. I sort of knew I had them.

The job itself is in Marietta, GA about a hour commute via MARTA from where we are now. So not bad. One comment I will make about MARTA buses and trains – they’re spic and span clean. I was shocked. I’m used to dirty ass RIPTA and MBTA gear.

Things that really piss me off

One thing that always pisses me off is when someone is late for an appointment. Of course Doctors and NP’s are exempted from this.

But today I had a meeting with a certain person. He confirmed it and then had the temerity to say it was not in his Outlook calendar. That’s funny it was in my calendar.

I asked him did he delete it from the calendar, the reply was he never deletes from his calendar. Look, if you’re going to lie to me and piss me off even more you might want to say the word “Sorry”. I don’t know, no comprendo why fucking people do this.

Why I don’t belive in God

Let’s put it this way I’m pretty sure if you read this here blog you know I don’t believe in any sky fairies aka gods. None of them.

But today I’m going to pick apart the Bible that everyone loves to wave around to quote scripture, etc.

1) The number of different versions of the Bible gives me pause. There is the KJV, NIV, and many others out there where the language is changed just so.

2) I know the Biblical texts were written anywhere from 30 to 80 years following the alleged life of Jesus. Can you tell me what you did 30 years in the past?

3) During the time of the writing of the New Testament literacy was not common as it is today. So the story must have been passed via oral tradition. If you ever played the childrens game of Telephone you know a message morphs big time if N>2.

So just those three – leaving out translation error, copy error or even scribes changing text. Christianity is only based on so much woo. Even the term Christ is Greek for Messiah.