When talking to someone makes your brain hurt/weep

So after dinner this evening we had a rather lengthy discussion with a fellow gay man.

Some of the things this man espouses – that the moon landings were faked (I KNOW they weren’t) that Reptilians control us, that he’s seen UFO’s in Kansas and Nevada (Near a high military presence area no less.) or even how genetic testing isn’t accurate etc. My favorite though is the whole alien visitation thing. Now I’ve put forth it’s either aliens traveling vast interstellar distances, or it could be time travelers from the future but then I realize the latter would violate another of my beliefs that we cannot travel to the future because it hasn’t happened yet.

Then of course the spouse says myself and the other guy are coming at it from opposite ends of experience. Yeah like I had family members involved in the Apollo missions, I have actually stood inside a fusion reactor, and worked in a genomics lab where the process of retrieving and amplifying DNA sounds a lot like color film development, which I’ve done in the past.

It just makes my brain ache and weep because I know deep down we’re all maleducated dolts.

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