Hearing Aid Prices

Just saw a news blurb about how many states and insurance companies aren’t covering hearing aids for kids. The average cost $3000 to $5000.

Now as an adult I’m a candidate for one for my right ear. That being said hearing aids are nothing but an amplifier, digital signal processor. The chip(s) in the device maybe cost a dollar, the injection molded plastic say another dollar. so profits go from $2998 to $4998. That’s ludicrous. even if we add in intellectual property of $100 it still comes nowhere close to what they charge. It reeks of that asshole Martin Skrelli who’s now serving a nice little prison term somewhere. We need to start jailing more CEO’s who rape the public.

One thought on “Hearing Aid Prices

  1. I certainly agree with that. We need to start jailing some of these jackasses. Insulin prices are going through the roof for no other reason than because they can jack prices up and people have to pay or die. Generic drug prices aren’t coming down because of price fixing by the companies. And hearing aids are one of the biggest scams out there, charging thousands of dollars for a hundred bucks worth of electronics. Just because they can get away with it.

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