Month: July 2019

When MARTA screws the pooch

That old euphemism tickles me. Screw the pooh. Anyhow this morning the bus that usually gets me to North Avenue Station, well it never came. So I walked to the station, got on the train and two stops later was at Art Center Station. CCT’s Cobb Linc was running on time though.

Well – this evening I get to the North Ave. station just in time to catch the 51 bus back but when I boarded the subway at Arts Center we were packed like sardines and they all got off a North Avenue Station. It was a mass of people.

So I had to walk to and from North Avenue station today. I was NOT a happy camper. I’m told there was an electrical fire on the subway but apparently it happened mid-day and they recovered. Weird, my experience up to now with MARTA has been good. But the gods of transit they had other plans.

Finally let loose on Linux boxen at work

First thing I did was cat /etc/redhat-release. It’s how I found out they told me they were RHEL 6.8 but nope they’re RHEL 6.10 servers.

Then they wrote scripts to do what the top utility in Linux does. That blew my mind. But I did point out after reviewing /var/log/secure that qualys01 had numerous entries where it was denied access. OOOPS!

Enjoying Atlanta very much

Jesus H. Christ on a stick – I thought Providence was a food city. Boy was I wrong. We’re eating our way through Atlanta now and I have to say I love it. The food, the people all of it. Now the traffic not so much but hey the Metro Atlanta area population is a little under 6 million people – all with cars it seems. And if you ever watch people in supermarkets and the like you understand why traffic everywhere is basically a mess.

But you know what, for the food and culture I love it here. I should have moved here a decade ago. Even the job, approaching my first month there and my colleagues are in a word AWESOME and funny to boot.

Plus housing down here is infinitely less expensive than the northeast. And everything is air conditioned. It’s funny when I buy my new car I plan on using the HVAC in it all the time. Go from air conditioned house to air conditioned car to air conditioned office. But I do love the warm weather here. I’d rather sweat than freeze. I suppose when I go to hell for being an atheist I’ll be right at home.

Today was a beautiful day – even though I’d received numerous alerts that it was going to rain. It’s funny I’d been carrying around a plastic poncho and it NEVER rained on me.

Oh yeah and I might buy some rain gear in olive green. Someone says when I wear green like that the green in my hazel eyes pops out. I’ve been told this by others too – it’s a Mediterranean trait.

Proof I’m a voracious reader


I have about 2 hours a day to read. And I make it worthwhile. I just picked up Henry David Thoreau ‘s “Civil Disobedience”, and am also reading John Gribbin’s “Erwin Shrodinger and the Quantum Revolution”. Next on deck is Thomas Paine’s “Rights of Man”

I cannot help it, I’m not happy unless I’m reading and learning something new. You’ll note in the image above three are fiction, others detail how the internet came about, or how scary nuclear weapons are in Command And Control.

Week 3 on the job

So we’re almost at the end of my 3rd week at the new job. I’ve helped out everyone there in the past three weeks. Had some really good conversations with people. Even mastered two different transit carriers.

Friend of mine says she likes that I say good morning, thank you etc. I guess it’s just call being nice.

Finally managed to figure out why I couldn’t get the RSA token app on my phone to sync. It’s because it was the wrong app. Got that solved today. Now I just need to figure out which at the Jumpervers – I concluded that for each grouping, production, QA, QP etc. they had a Jumpserver. I was right.

Yet another radio

I just couldn’t resist. You see I own  70cm DMR radio but in RI there was precious little 70cm DMR. But then I saw I could pick up an AnyTone AT-D878UV. It’s a Dual-Band handheld radio transceiver or as we hams call them Handie-Talkies.

Friends of mine had recommended the AnyTone and I must say I’m impressed. It has Bluetooth, GPS, and a whole raft of features including a full color display. Plus the keys are nicely backlit. For $238 it came with the programming cable, plus a bluetooth PTT button, and charging stand. Really nice.

It doesn’t play nicely with Windows 7 but I hooked it to my work machine which is running Windows 10 and it picked it right up.

And I went to an downloaded the user contacts for Atlanta, Marietta, DeKalb County, Fulton County and Cobb County, even as far down as Savannah. I mean come on I’m really enjoying it here in the great state of Georgia. I should have moved here years ago. I mean it. The people, the medical people, the people in general black, white, or what have you. All great people. Even the politicians are getting to know me.

And of course it involved the usual UPS snafu – they were SUPPOSED to deliver it yesterday. Then today I scheduled it between 2PM and 6PM and it showed up around 7PM. I suppose me emailing UPS a little nasty-gram did the trick. If I had to go their facility to pick this radio up I told someone that they’d get the full ration of shit from me. I cannot stand UPS. I’ve shared their nickname of Shit Wrapped in Chiffon around here and people love it.

Two Amateur Radio things

First – my FCC license expired back in April and I was fretting about what to do. You see I hold a amateur Extra class license and ragging rights I did the 20WPM code test element 1C.

Well color me surprised to find the call I’ve had since they started the vanity program began – they no longer charge $10 for the privilege. You just electronically file the form 605. Luckily I was in the grace period. In case you’re wondering what call is, I’m KD1S.

The other thing I did yet another handheld radio. This time I got the Anytone AT-D878UV. It is a dual-band analog and DMR radio. For $238 I got the radio, charging kit, programming cable and software and a $50 credit toward classes on BridgeCom. Because I note here in the Metro Atlanta area there’s literal shit ton of DMR radio. Can’t wait – the radio is nice, has bluetooth connectivity, even a GPS module in it. For the price you can’t go wrong.