Enjoying Atlanta very much

Jesus H. Christ on a stick – I thought Providence was a food city. Boy was I wrong. We’re eating our way through Atlanta now and I have to say I love it. The food, the people all of it. Now the traffic not so much but hey the Metro Atlanta area population is a little under 6 million people – all with cars it seems. And if you ever watch people in supermarkets and the like you understand why traffic everywhere is basically a mess.

But you know what, for the food and culture I love it here. I should have moved here a decade ago. Even the job, approaching my first month there and my colleagues are in a word AWESOME and funny to boot.

Plus housing down here is infinitely less expensive than the northeast. And everything is air conditioned. It’s funny when I buy my new car I plan on using the HVAC in it all the time. Go from air conditioned house to air conditioned car to air conditioned office. But I do love the warm weather here. I’d rather sweat than freeze. I suppose when I go to hell for being an atheist I’ll be right at home.

Today was a beautiful day – even though I’d received numerous alerts that it was going to rain. It’s funny I’d been carrying around a plastic poncho and it NEVER rained on me.

Oh yeah and I might buy some rain gear in olive green. Someone says when I wear green like that the green in my hazel eyes pops out. I’ve been told this by others too – it’s a Mediterranean trait.

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