When MARTA screws the pooch

That old euphemism tickles me. Screw the pooh. Anyhow this morning the bus that usually gets me to North Avenue Station, well it never came. So I walked to the station, got on the train and two stops later was at Art Center Station. CCT’s Cobb Linc was running on time though.

Well – this evening I get to the North Ave. station just in time to catch the 51 bus back but when I boarded the subway at Arts Center we were packed like sardines and they all got off a North Avenue Station. It was a mass of people.

So I had to walk to and from North Avenue station today. I was NOT a happy camper. I’m told there was an electrical fire on the subway but apparently it happened mid-day and they recovered. Weird, my experience up to now with MARTA has been good. But the gods of transit they had other plans.

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