A great Breakfast and Lunch Place in Atlanta

So this morning we checked out the Atlanta Breakfast Club at 249 Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd in Atlanta, GA.

When we got there we noticed a whole lot of people milling around outside. They were waiting to get a table. So we went and checked in. They text when the table is ready but one sour note – you have to install the yelp app to see your place in line.

Keyron had the Southern Breakfast – scrambled eggs with American cheese, grits, sausage patties and a biscuit. I had the salmon croquettes with a remoulade and cheesy grits.

Plus we shared an order of Peach French Toast.

All was excellent – the grits, dear non-existent deity the grits were out of this world. The croquettes with the remoulade was fantastic too. All in all for those three it was $52 Not overly expensive but I will tell you the staff was extra friendly and I tipped 22% plus we brought back a couple of sausage, egg and cheese biscuits as bribes for certain folks. Every time we eat out we do that.

The place is in fact super packed – lots of folks. But I’m getting into having conversations with complete strangers and getting known for my profundities down here. It’s fun. Even my friend says it my personality has change since I’ve been down here. It’s true – a place where a) It’s very pretty here b) The food scene here is fantastic and c) The weather was perfect. Those three factors make me really happy.

We’ll definitely return to the restaurant. It was just that good and we both enjoyed it. Plus I looked – in the time we were there it seems they turned over 80 seats twice so 160 times an average price of $52 for two people and you get $8,320 an hour. Now multiply that for the 9 hours they’re open on a Sunday and you get $74,880 a day. Time two days on a weekend and you’re at $149,760 every weekend times 4.33 weeks so conservatively close to $650K a month just lowballing it. Or if you like $7.8 million dollars a year – just counting the weekends. Nice!

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