Month: August 2019

Music Sources – Why pay?

I recently picked up a Galaxy A10E. Apparently the SD card I used on my former Government phone the new phone wants to format it. Damn it.

So I noted I have Spotify on the phone. So I’ve started listening. One new artist I like is Hil St. Soul. Yeah – my musical tastes run the gamut.

And I keep getting emails from Sirius – screw that. I just hook my phone into the cars USB ports and don’t you know, Android Auto kicks on. Navigation goes right to the center screen on the car, and more on Spotify – I listen to podcasts, music, you name it. Nice!

And I think I have a work-around for the formatting of the SD card. I can let it format and then on an SD card I have mounted on this computer now – transfer the music to the phone from the computer.

But be damned if I’m gonna pay $10 a month for Sirius, or $25 for OnStar’s Navigtion package. When even the salesman at the dealership says just say no to the OnStar thing you know it’s going to go the way of the dodo.

A funny here in Georgia

So the other day I went to get my Georgia driver license. All went without a hitch but they took 20 years off my age. So I went back today to correct it.

Got the clerk to admit it’s a possibility I’ll get two Driver Licenses – one with the correct year, one with the incorrect year. That could have its uses.

Things one discovers about cars

So I found the sticker for the car in the glove compartment. It’s sticker price was $24K I got it for $17K.

That was the first big surprise. The second, that little 1.4L Eco-Tech engine has a turbocharger on it. Color me surprised.

Then of course finding out that it has the Remote Start option too. I’m in my utter glory here.

I love this Chevy Trax. Good choice in my not so humble opinion. Here’s to doing the preventative maintenance on it and many years of use.

Racking up the miles

So my new 2019 Chevrolet Trax now has 115 miles on it. Most of that put on yesterday and today. Just aim in a direction and drive see what we find. Today we were going to attempt brunch at the Flying Biscuit. We get there and nowhere to park. So aim the car and go. We ended up in Buckhead at the Landmark Cafe. Someone was miffed it wasn’t the Flying Biscuit. But in the end we agreed it’d be nice to return to the restaurant.

And in amateur radio news – my AT-D878UV battery finally died after a weekend of use. Gotta go lookup a car charger for it.

Thoughts on my new car after a day

So Artemis – that’s the cars name. Done a couple hundred miles in her already and I have to write about it.

First off I love it. It’s not a truck it’s a little bitty twuck. I realized it seats five people and has a good amount of cargo space. And I note Chevrolet is pretty appreciative of folks who buy their cars. I’ve gotten so many emails from them already.

Even yesterday when they finally presented the car to me had me do a complete walk around. It is a pretty little beast. And my mind keeps returning to the thought what kind of horsepower could I get out of it if I threw a little turbocharge on there? I do understand the exhaust manifold would have to be changed and some extra plumbing done but to go from about 134HP up around 200+ would be SWEET. I’ll probably hold off on that modification until I own it all proper as in pay it off. Of course that’s when it gets it’s snorkel and well you know.

I’m impressed by it already. Made the right choice that’s for sure. Great fun to drive it. Sits maybe an inch or two higher than a normal car. And I definitely appreciate it was built in Korea. South Korea that is. Yeah it is a GM product through and through though. And I note, all push button start and all that.

And sensors – dear non existent deity – it monitors the oil, air pressure in the tires, and a host of engine and transmission data. And I’m about half way through the owners manual now. It’s a 600 page document.

And I’m being pretty religious about keeping it clean. It is in fact a new car. to the point where the out-gassing of the plastics got on someones nerves and we had to get a car air freshener.

And as I mentioned above I’ve named the car. People crack up when I mention her name. I love it.

Let it be known

My new vehicle has a name. She is Artemis in honor of the Goddess Artermis- she of the hunt. I gave her the name before we left the dealership.

Because you have to name a car. You just have to do it. To not do so invites disaster.

Bought it.

I am now the proud owner of a 2019 Chevrolet Trax. Silver, black interior, power everything. It is very nice.

Drove it back to Atlanta and I gotta say it’s a pretty nimble little beast.

I haven’t come up with a name for it yet. I mean I know you’re supposed to use a womans name – but I’m thinking a gods name, either Roman or Greek. I think I’ll use Artemis the goddess of the hunt. Her symbols are the cypress tree and the deer. I could have her name and a small deer painted on her rear end. Yeah I think I’ll do that. I kind of like that name for a car.