Life Moves Fast

So I asked for a quote on a 2019 Chevy Trax. I guess I’m going in there on Tuesday to dicker and I could walk out with an AWD version for short money. Nice!

I chose this one:

Now I gotta get the insurance, pay the sales tax and all that good stuff. So lets say I can get one for $17K – the Ad Valorum tax is $1190. That’s it.

And I suppose I should get a Georgia Drivers license. And I do want my amateur radio call on the plates so that’s $80.

This was as a result of someone nagging me to death. Be nice to have a new car too. Get us the hell out of this mens shelter we’ve been staying at since May.

Now the only worry – I know it’s got the same engine as the Sonic but I’m leery of low displacement engines – having once owned a 1981 Ford Escort with a 1.6L engine – that baby ate head gaskets for lunch. But the Sonic a friend has is six years old and the most went wrong is a $30 sensor. So I guess my fear might be displaced.

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