The commute today

So my commute has me take the #51 bus from this facility to North Avenue station. It’s a MARTA bus and it was ten minutes late this morning.

Now the MARTA trains – they were delayed too.

But the piece de resistance was the Cobb Linc bus. It conked out on I-75. But I gotta say the bus drivers down here are a good bunch of people. They were apologetic as all hell about it. But I did get a nice tour through parts of Smyrna. The woman driving the bus just relocated from Colorado three months ago. She loves my northeast accent too.

Hell I find myself shaking off that old Yankee reserve down here. Why the hell not.

And funny of funnies I was talking to a Georgia native today and I mentioned the incident from years ago when we were in South Carolina at a combination gas station and fireworks store with a huge confederate flag with a skull and crossbones and the motto “The South shall rise again.” to which I replied in a loud voice “And the north shall kick you asses back into the stone age.” He cracked up on that one. I have also heard someone in jest say it was the war of northern aggression. I love, love, love being a Yankee in Georgia.

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