Thoughts on my new car after a day

So Artemis – that’s the cars name. Done a couple hundred miles in her already and I have to write about it.

First off I love it. It’s not a truck it’s a little bitty twuck. I realized it seats five people and has a good amount of cargo space. And I note Chevrolet is pretty appreciative of folks who buy their cars. I’ve gotten so many emails from them already.

Even yesterday when they finally presented the car to me had me do a complete walk around. It is a pretty little beast. And my mind keeps returning to the thought what kind of horsepower could I get out of it if I threw a little turbocharge on there? I do understand the exhaust manifold would have to be changed and some extra plumbing done but to go from about 134HP up around 200+ would be SWEET. I’ll probably hold off on that modification until I own it all proper as in pay it off. Of course that’s when it gets it’s snorkel and well you know.

I’m impressed by it already. Made the right choice that’s for sure. Great fun to drive it. Sits maybe an inch or two higher than a normal car. And I definitely appreciate it was built in Korea. South Korea that is. Yeah it is a GM product through and through though. And I note, all push button start and all that.

And sensors – dear non existent deity – it monitors the oil, air pressure in the tires, and a host of engine and transmission data. And I’m about half way through the owners manual now. It’s a 600 page document.

And I’m being pretty religious about keeping it clean. It is in fact a new car. to the point where the out-gassing of the plastics got on someones nerves and we had to get a car air freshener.

And as I mentioned above I’ve named the car. People crack up when I mention her name. I love it.

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