Music Sources – Why pay?

I recently picked up a Galaxy A10E. Apparently the SD card I used on my former Government phone the new phone wants to format it. Damn it.

So I noted I have Spotify on the phone. So I’ve started listening. One new artist I like is Hil St. Soul. Yeah – my musical tastes run the gamut.

And I keep getting emails from Sirius – screw that. I just hook my phone into the cars USB ports and don’t you know, Android Auto kicks on. Navigation goes right to the center screen on the car, and more on Spotify – I listen to podcasts, music, you name it. Nice!

And I think I have a work-around for the formatting of the SD card. I can let it format and then on an SD card I have mounted on this computer now – transfer the music to the phone from the computer.

But be damned if I’m gonna pay $10 a month for Sirius, or $25 for OnStar’s Navigtion package. When even the salesman at the dealership says just say no to the OnStar thing you know it’s going to go the way of the dodo.

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