Atlanta Update

So someone had raved about Gyro Brothers in Atlanta. We gave it a try last night and I have to say not good.

First off the lamb gyro was ice cold. Having had authentic Greek food before this was a slap in the face for us.

Plus there was the parking incident. Next to the place is a public parking garage or whatever passes for it when there’s a P with a circle around it. Well we get our ticket and into the garage – it’s confusing as all hell no signage, well except for the resident parking only signs. When we get back a garish orange sticker is on the drivers side window saying they’d recorded my license plate and next time they’ll tow it. Needless to say I scraped it off and used some Goo-Gone to get the sticky adhesive residue off the window.

I gotta give the Goo-Gone some credit – I don’t know what black magic they performed in making it but it does work very well. No more residue of adhesive is evident.

One thought on “Atlanta Update

  1. Here in Massachusetss the infamous state police (just Google phony overtime scandal) like to apply a similar sticker to disabled motor vehicles left in the breakdown lane, presumably for anything longer than a few minutes. The sticker warns the vehicle will be towed if not removed in a short period of time. Fair enough, but what is infuriating is their insistence on applying the sticker directly on the glass of the driver’s side mirror. How convenient when trying to SEE to SAFELY merge back on the highway. Good job Mass. State Police! What would we do without them? At least we have a friend in Goo Gone.

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