Made my first car payment today

This is the very first payment I’ve made. Paid early and paid a little bit more on the payment. Because from my research if you really want to build up credit, pay early and pay more because it helps a lot.

And more on the car – GM and Chevy have come a long way from what I remember from the 1980’s. Actually thinking back my 1978 Chevy Nova was a good car too.

But for what I’m paying for the car I gotta say – the features are Awesome. Power everything – the windows, locks, steering, and brakes. Plus a six speed automatic transmission, a 1.4L turbocharged I4-LUV engine, remote start. Has cruise control, USB outlets, a 110V outlet, and well I’ve already put 2000 miles on it.

That’s because when you stomp on the gas pedal – you hear the turbocharger kick in and it’s an awesome sound. In fact I haven’t managed to red-line the car yet.

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