Poor Artemis

As you’ve likely read before I have written about the egregious behavior committed by Mercedes Benz and drivers and their ilk.

Well this morning took the cake. I was on I-20 Eastbound – now this Mercedes C-class was in front of me, so I got the mother fuckers license plate on camera. Then he or she gets behind me – now I’m in the right lane and right around Exit 68 fucker decides to try to merge in except in the process strikes Artemis around the rear passenger side. Nice little dent. I estimate total damage to be $2K or so. Luckily the car is still able to be driven so now foul there.

But it HAD to be a Mercedes Benz driver – just had to be.

Oh I knew Artemis would get dinged and dented. But come the fuck on, I’ve had the car for less than two months and already? Damnation and a pox upon the house of that Mercedes driver.

One thought on “Poor Artemis

  1. You’re right about Merc drivers. There is something odd about a lot of them. Either they drive like white knuckled little old ladies in a demolition derby or they have this “why aren’t you getting out of my way can’t you see I’m driving a f**king Mercedes” attitude.

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