If you want to experience horrendous traffic

Come on down to the Altanta, Georgia metro area.

My commute takes me on I-20 then I-75, and returning if I-75 is a total shit storm I get to experience the utter joy that is I-285 to get back to I-20.

One day it took me two hours, TWO hours to go 30 miles. Two hours. And my absolute favorite is the changeable speed limit signs on I-285. When a highway speed limit drops to 35MPH that’s a big problem.

But the real problem is we the humans. We’re the last element in the set of things in cars that hasn’t been changed. Oh cars have gotten infinitely safer even little Artemis my Chevy Trax has 8 different air bags in it. That and stability control which I found out can activate the brakes. This tells me my gas and brake pedal have no physical connection to the systems they control. Interesting what this means is my little hardware-software hack – I could in fact make the car more intelligent. Hmmmm.

Anyhow one thing we could do is remember that rule we learned so many years ago – leave at least one car length of distance for every ten mph of speed. So at 35MPH leave 3.5 car lengths, at 75 leave 7.5 and so on. I try to do that and what I note is it makes it easier for other people to merge in because they realized they were in an exit only lane or some such.

The other thing I’ve noticed down here – signals specifically turn signals. Not everyone uses them. I can spot the transplants like me who do use them.

2 thoughts on “If you want to experience horrendous traffic

  1. Distance between cars is a pet peeve of mine. I know what people’s reaction times are like, and at the speeds we drive today most people would never be able to respond in time if something went wrong.

    That gap will never happen around here, though. On I-41 between Appleton and Green Bay you’ll be four or five lanes northbound, packed solid, running at about 75 – 85 mph, with just a few feet between cars. If you let even a single car length between you and the car in front of you, someone will change lanes to slip into that spot. It’s worse than a Nascar race. I’ve never seen anything like that freeway. I’ve driven in Chicago, New York, Auston, all over the country, and I’ve never seen traffic like that.

    1. Oh yeah that’s the other thing. If you don’t leave a space I’m coming in WITH my turn signal on. People down here think “Oh look at the pretty blinking amber light.”

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