Let the Medical Odyssey Begin

So today I had a light touch doctors appointment. It wasn’t a full physical oh no, just talk to the doctor about my condition.

Nice doctor btw, Shalendra Bell D.O/M.D. We got to talking and she started as an engineering student. Then found the medical calling. I told her I wanted to be a doctor but found out how little they knew back in the day and decided against it and studied Information Science instead. She related that when she first started studying medicine she had a little crisis of faith she could do it, but apparently she did.

In our discussion she asked if my right foot dragged. I answered with “Ever see Young Frankenstein with Igor when he says ‘Walk this way” and proceeds to drag his foot. That got a laugh out of her.

But the odyssey part – next up is an MRI and then a full physical exam. I suppose it’s overdue. Then an orthopedic consult. Yeah I know. I can’t hold it against the doctor though, she’s actually pretty cool and looks way different than her pic on her page.

Maybe it’s because it’s affiliated with Emory – they tend to get some great doctors.

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