Apartment Hunting

In the Atlanta Metro area is interesting. Between we two we have blindness and gimped leg to deal with. So this meant certain constraints are placed upon us. We finally did find a place where the price wasn’t too awful thought and it’s only eight stairs to content with. We have been in the place for eighteen days thus far. It’s a nice place, not a basement apartment but first floor – the entrance is down eight steps and the place is VERY quiet.

Must say though one of my neighbors, a woman saw me at the mailboxes and chatted me up. Guess she didn’t pick up I didn’t give her the once over. But still it’s very nice. The property is a big complex of buildings all in a wooded area. Meets my approval.

However the commute to the office is 30 miles. It’s all highway of course, I-20 to I-75 and the stupid constantly astounds me. I realized early on if we all just paid attention to the rule – one car length for every 10MPH of speed – in kilometers it’d be one car length for every 16.09KMH. this makes me wish we’d gone metric in the 1970’s. Then we wouldn’t have to convert everything and maybe not even lose a couple of spacecraft because of conversion errors.

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