A surprise living in Decatur, GA

So this young man by the name of Dante he’s maybe 12 years old. He’s got the ambition to make money that’s for sure. Knocks on our door, for $3 he’ll drag our trash over to the dumpster about 1200 feet away.

Then I realized this kid – he was hitting everyone up. That my friends is the mark of ambition. I’ll have to introduce him to crypto currencies. Teach him how to invest a portion of his earnings. What the hell, he’s doing us a solid why not do him one too.

Plus I was thinking, if we give him $3 a week times 4.33 weeks in a month is $12.99. I might do a deal with him, $25 a month and he hauls our trash every Friday/Saturday. That solves my problem, makes him a little more money and we’re all happy.

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