Food: Omelets

So this weekend I did a few omelets. I’ve gotten pretty damned good at it too and my favorite is in cast iron. But a non-stick pan works too. And I can do it with a silicone spatula or hard plastic spatula.

That’s one thing as I learned to cook I learned to improvise. It plays well with omelets. Those are about the preparation. If you’re going to do mushroom, onion and cheese it helps to prepare those items ahead of time.

2 thoughts on “Food: Omelets

    1. The trick is a non-stick pan, coated with a tablespoon of butter brought to med medium-high heat. Blend the eggs use 2 or 3 your preference. Then pout in the pan and gently stir removing from heat every now and then. The pan will carry it over.

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