I know, I know

In the past I’ve griped about the South. And here I am living in Georgia, more specifically Decatur, GA.

Granted I’m learning where everything is. To the point I don’t have to rely on Google Maps anymore when going from here to Kroger, or here to where I work and back. Also learning that while I-75 has a reputation for being a horrible highway I think the award goes to I-20 where one moment you’ll find yourself doing 85MPH and the next 45MPh. No rhyme nor reason to any of it. I’ll be one happy camper once the true AI’s are driving us around. They won’t suffer the distraction and idiocy of we humans.

But I will say the south has something going for it. The whole county system amuses me. And I have no clue who my elected representatives on the local level happen to be. Oh wait, I found them. i have to introduce myself sometime.

And I’m happy to say we ARE net connected. I know back a few years ago net penetrtion in the south was bad. But not this part of the south.

2 thoughts on “I know, I know

  1. Well I feel a dumbass!
    I saw your comment on Sassybear. My eyes lit up! Oh! You are blogging again! I stop buy regularly as the entry at the top is from March. I figured you you had stopped blogging. Then I came here – saw the “March” entry still on top … scrolled down…. lordy!
    I am glad to see you blogging.

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