Month: November 2019

A New Series I’m loving

It’s on AMC – they really do knock it out of the park now and then. This one of course is NOS4A2 – and yes Charlie Manx is of course a vampire. A daywalker too.

A Vic McQueen – the protagonist. Recall in the past I have posted how the vampire genre was overdone. Perhaps I was wrong. The myth of th vampire – no soul just exist forever. That sort of appeals to me. The feeding on others though – not so much. I mean I already know I don’t have a soul myself. And I haven’t hungered for the blood of children.

So someones Medical Odyssey Continues

It’s getting to the point where what doctors say I take with a serious grain of salt. Again, like they did in March of this year they bandied the term congestive heart failure. You see the symptoms were fluid in the lungs, and lower extremities. Plus I finally figured it out – there is such a thing as white coat syndrome and for people with their sight it is true. But I couldn’t figure out why when I take the spouses blood pressure at home it’s normal, but in a clinical setting it goes nuts.

It finally hit me – it’s the sound landscape. At home it’s just the gentle hum of the HVAC system and nothing more. In a hospital there’s that coupled with beeping, bleeping, buzzing etc. So white coat syndrome isn’t just visual it’s aural too.

Anyhow the congestive heart failure on the spouse – nope his heart is fine. I do hate that doctors do this. Because it doesn’t inspire my confidence, nor the spouses.

The fluid they’re flushing out with diuretics. But I’m almost at the point where I say enough. If you can’t figure it out within three days then you’re obviously stumped.

A two for one gay movie review

Since the Thanksgiving holiday is upon us I took some time and watched a couple of gay movies.

The first of course is Call Me By Your Name – let me say Elio and Oliver that was sort of sad when Oliver left. But what Elio’s dad said toward the end of the movie when Dad found out about Elio and Oliver – is that Dad himself thought he might have feelings for Oliver but something held him back. Wow.

The other movie was Play the Devil – that one was sort of interesting. The guy who played Gregory is in a word fucking gorgeous. But the result of the tryst with James has Gregory knocking James head into the ground and knocking him out. Then Gregory and his friend put James back into his Benz and send it plunging off a cliff. That’s pretty much the end of the movie. Weird one but beautiful one.

Starting fires

Well we’ve been using the fireplace in the place lately. Starting the fires does take some time. But I’ve used cardboard and that works pretty well. If I need an accelerant paper towels wadded up works.

Once we get some living room furniture we’ll likely light it up more often.

Getting Firewood

So the place we’re renting has a functional fireplace. So I looked up places and found Firewood Atlanta. Gotta say I’m impressed already.

A 1/4 cord or a 4 foot high by 4 foot wide by 17-20 inches stack of wood should get us through the worst. And it’s all pre-split and dried for at least a year.

The gentleman Lee from Firewood Atlanta called about 2 hours after I’d put the order in. I gave him detailed information about the delivery and how google maps leaves you in the dirt so to speak getting here. Even made him chuckle – I have a certain gift for seeing the comedic side of life.

Granted it’s $205 for the wood but to have a nice fire glowing oh I cannot wait. I’ve even got kindling in the form of junk mail. At least it’ll be put to a good use. Hell, even paper towels wadded up work as I’ve amply demonstrated with the electric stove and it lighting them up sometimes if I get too close to the burner with it. Or even steel wool in the form of an SOS pad. Put a 9V battery to that and it lights up. Or I could strip the ends from a lamp cord, wrap the two ends around a nail and get a pickle to start the fire. So many ways to start a fire going.

And it will most definitely heat the place up. I keep it at 73F hot or cold. Electricity is approximately half the price down here as it is in the northeast. So why the hell not save a few kW by burning wood?

So I ordered the following

A string of LED Xmas lights – where you can change the colors of them with a remote control. And I note Amazon also has an outdoor solar powered string too. I might get that next. Because even though electricity here is super cheap compared to the northeast, I don’t want to pay extra for holiday lights outside.

I’ve already got two solar patheway lights out there. So why not go whole hog with solar?

Progress with the pooch

So I think the dog we’ve been feeding and watering is getting curious about myself and spouse. When I went to the mailbox he was there – he poked his nose in the car. It was so cute.

This will be the first time in my life in near 40 years that I’ve had a dog. I do love animals. Plus there is a cat who’s been coming around. I can just see it, we’re going to have a menagerie. We’ll get to see who hogs the bed. It’ll be funny.

Now as I am wont to say the difference between dogs and cats is as follows: A cat left alone a couple days might claw the sofa. A dog with enough neuroses will eat the couch.

It’s funny – the dog he’s pure black in color. He’s clearly got pit bull and hound ancestry. And he appears to be about 2 to 3 years old. He’s still very energetic. But one thing, before we allow him in the house he has to see a veterinarian. No if’s/and’s an buts about it.

On Chicken Salad

So as I might have mentioned we moved from the northeast to the Atlanta Metro region.

Now up in the Northeast there are two things we miss. One was a grocery chain called Market Basket and the other a food item called chicken salad.

We tried at the local Kroger – nope. No such thing. Then I said hey, maybe Wally World might have it. They did in fact have it but not what you’d think. Oh it’s chicken salad but with the added cranberry and pecans in addition to the celery.

We’ll see how it tastes because we might have to make our own. If we ever get back to our place that is. We’re staying in a hotel and they’ve already extended our stay once. And I suspect they’ll do it again because I went by our place and the meters haven’t been installed yet. And today is Veterans Day. So what are the chances Georgia Power will be out to do it today, I’d say slim to none.

A physical today

So I had a physical today. The most absolutely weird physical exam. Didn’t even have to undress. Oh my heart, lungs, gut were listened and five tubes of blood were drawn out of me.

I was also screened for depression. I’m not depressed not by a long shot. My next eval is in 2020.

But the blood draw – too three tries. And of course my mouth starts with the poor nurse. I say stuff like “How often do you perform this?”

I’ll be able to get the results of blood test online. Oh joy.