Getting Firewood

So the place we’re renting has a functional fireplace. So I looked up places and found Firewood Atlanta. Gotta say I’m impressed already.

A 1/4 cord or a 4 foot high by 4 foot wide by 17-20 inches stack of wood should get us through the worst. And it’s all pre-split and dried for at least a year.

The gentleman Lee from Firewood Atlanta called about 2 hours after I’d put the order in. I gave him detailed information about the delivery and how google maps leaves you in the dirt so to speak getting here. Even made him chuckle – I have a certain gift for seeing the comedic side of life.

Granted it’s $205 for the wood but to have a nice fire glowing oh I cannot wait. I’ve even got kindling in the form of junk mail. At least it’ll be put to a good use. Hell, even paper towels wadded up work as I’ve amply demonstrated with the electric stove and it lighting them up sometimes if I get too close to the burner with it. Or even steel wool in the form of an SOS pad. Put a 9V battery to that and it lights up. Or I could strip the ends from a lamp cord, wrap the two ends around a nail and get a pickle to start the fire. So many ways to start a fire going.

And it will most definitely heat the place up. I keep it at 73F hot or cold. Electricity is approximately half the price down here as it is in the northeast. So why the hell not save a few kW by burning wood?

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