So someones Medical Odyssey Continues

It’s getting to the point where what doctors say I take with a serious grain of salt. Again, like they did in March of this year they bandied the term congestive heart failure. You see the symptoms were fluid in the lungs, and lower extremities. Plus I finally figured it out – there is such a thing as white coat syndrome and for people with their sight it is true. But I couldn’t figure out why when I take the spouses blood pressure at home it’s normal, but in a clinical setting it goes nuts.

It finally hit me – it’s the sound landscape. At home it’s just the gentle hum of the HVAC system and nothing more. In a hospital there’s that coupled with beeping, bleeping, buzzing etc. So white coat syndrome isn’t just visual it’s aural too.

Anyhow the congestive heart failure on the spouse – nope his heart is fine. I do hate that doctors do this. Because it doesn’t inspire my confidence, nor the spouses.

The fluid they’re flushing out with diuretics. But I’m almost at the point where I say enough. If you can’t figure it out within three days then you’re obviously stumped.

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