Month: November 2019

On Chicken Salad

So as I might have mentioned we moved from the northeast to the Atlanta Metro region.

Now up in the Northeast there are two things we miss. One was a grocery chain called Market Basket and the other a food item called chicken salad.

We tried at the local Kroger – nope. No such thing. Then I said hey, maybe Wally World might have it. They did in fact have it but not what you’d think. Oh it’s chicken salad but with the added cranberry and pecans in addition to the celery.

We’ll see how it tastes because we might have to make our own. If we ever get back to our place that is. We’re staying in a hotel and they’ve already extended our stay once. And I suspect they’ll do it again because I went by our place and the meters haven’t been installed yet. And today is Veterans Day. So what are the chances Georgia Power will be out to do it today, I’d say slim to none.

A physical today

So I had a physical today. The most absolutely weird physical exam. Didn’t even have to undress. Oh my heart, lungs, gut were listened and five tubes of blood were drawn out of me.

I was also screened for depression. I’m not depressed not by a long shot. My next eval is in 2020.

But the blood draw – too three tries. And of course my mouth starts with the poor nurse. I say stuff like “How often do you perform this?”

I’ll be able to get the results of blood test online. Oh joy.