Month: December 2019

Fedex is learning from UPS

You know how many times I’ve said UPS nickname that tickles me is Shit Wrapped in Chiffon? I’ve written of it a lot.

So I found a good deal on a 55″ 4K TV – as in sub $300. Now it was shipped Fedex this time but it was SUPPOSED to be delivered yesterday. It’s 42 miles from the place and is in Kennesaw, GA right now. But delivery date has now been shoved to Tuesday. The reason for the exception – a damaged shipping label. Dear non-existent deity it’s like they took the playbook from UPS.

I know, I know – the package weighs all of 51 pounds. And I know USPS for example, up to 70 pounds they’ll deliver it.

So why on this Earth do businesses think Fedex and UPS are the best where the Postal Service is the best. There should be incentives to make them use USPS – now that Amazon has done and end-run around the postal service. And congress should stop screwing with the postal service.

And the mystery deepens

So I paid a visit the orthopedic doctor – and he’s stumped. Sure I have a janky spine but it doesn’t account for my symptoms.

So my next visit was supposed to be the 12th of the month to have an EMG/NCS done. But I got a message this Tuesday from the Neuro guy asking if I could come in next day. Told him that was impossible. So 4PM Monday it is.

This by the way is why I resisted going to the doctor for so long. I knew it would just be a never ending series of MRI’s, blood tests, and the like. Now it’s poking and prodding. Fun!

Once again

With the spouse in the hospital. The more doctors he and I talk to the more I get that sinking feeling they have no clue whatsoever.

A certain other blogger had commented on my previous story about this indicating how 30 or 40% of the time the medical community is clueless.

Granted this doesn’t inspire any great confidence on doctors on my part. It’s like my primary care doctor – she wants me to get a colonoscopy. I told her it’s not like I’m bleeding out my ass and such.