Month: December 2019

Feliz Ano Nuevo

In other words, Happy New Year. Or if you prefer the old vulgar Latin New Anno Felix. You can clearly see where Spanish is derived in part from Latin.

Anyhow things are pretty calm here en la casa. Hopefully 2020 will mean the end of a certain Orange Cretin in the White House.

Another reason I love it down here

The weather – sure it rains but it has not snowed at all down here. And sure the temp did drop to 29F for a night or two but here’s why I love it.

Yesterday we were out and about and it was 72F. At the end of December in the 70’s. Gads I love it.

Watched: The Panama Papers

So on Hulu one of my recommended videos was regarding the Panama Papers. This happened back in 2016 but it’s still going on today.

A couple things hit me, the banks are at the center of it all. Banks have only existed to rape the consumer for the last few decades. They’ve bought the best government money can buy.

But I keep hearing the phrase that 1% of the people hold more wealth then 99% of us. I think you might see where I’m going with this. It’s why the world has been blowing up the least few years because quite frankly people are pissed off. I guess it’s one thing to not know who is fucking you, but to find out who is is sort of a version of cognitive dissonance that isn’t pretty.

I mean in the video there was one reporter who mentioned how many of her friends were implicated. Because that’s the job of a journalist.

And how the information became public is delicious. Someone internal to the law firm in Panama just acted as whistle blower. I don’t think we should call them that anymore a more appropriate name would be hero. They do us all an immense and important service.

The Fireplace at the new place

I do so love that the place we’re renting has a fireplace. I’ve started a whole bunch of fires with nothing but paper towel, cardboard, etc. But we found these little fire-starters at Kroger and for a little under a dollar each they are awesome. They’ll light up fire no problem.

Now back a month or so ago we ordered 1/4 chord of wood. We’ve used about 1/3 of that so far. Like on Christmas day I built a four log fire – four big hefty pieces of wood. It burned for about six hours. What I do love though is after everything is burnt all the material that falls to the floor and some of the logs get that orange glow that throws more heat then the actual fire.

So when we buy a place one of the additional requirements is a working fireplace.

I even burn cardboard boxes in there. They burn bright and fast. And the ones with print on them change the flame color to pretty shades too. It solves the biggest problem I have with Amazon. All the damned boxes.

We really are living in the future

so the other day I noted my card wouldn’t work on Amazon. Called the bank apparently the old Chinese problem occurred again. This time they expressed me a new card. But it’s funny when I spoke to the rep at the bank she mentioned their phone app. I told her I was downloading it as I spoke.

And once I had the app logged in I did something, I scanned a check in. You just scan in the front and back, put in the amount and press submit. Nice!

Now the card – they aren’t the standard magnetic cards anymore. Sure they still have that big wide mag-stripe on the back. But they have a few more interesting features. Like the chip – that once is a 21st century thing, plus the fact that you can just wave the card in front of a payment terminal. That last part gives me the screaming heebie jeebies though. But then I realize you have to be VERY close to the payment terminal for it to work. It’s essentially RFID.

But it gets better. Because I’m signed in to google it automagically linked the new card to google pay. It really has gotten very cool.

Now we’ll move onto cars. They are a FAR different beast than they were even 20+ years ago. The fact that every month I get a report on all the systems in the car via email I love. Of course I do know that the connectivity for it do that is cause for some concern. I mean a nefarious or rogue actor could have some real fun with that.

And I keep getting emails from Sirius – why on earth would I even pay $5 a month when I have spotify on my phone and the phone hooks up to the car quite nicely.

Plus we have to remember the entirety of the car is controlled by a computer these days. From electric power steering to the fact the brakes and gas pedal aren’t connected via mechanical means but via a wire. That one fascinates me. Because it also means the car is hackable.

Watched: Do I Sound Gay

It was sort of amusing. I know for a fact I don’t sound gay. Maybe it’s because I’m Italian American, maybe because I’m fairly butch I don’t know. And the funny part was David Sedaris and his husband Hugh. I’m sort of like Hugh in that I can re-wire a house, or solder pipes etc.

That latter is just a function of where I worked when I was younger. I worked in a hardware store. Learned how to do all that there.