A very good Japanese Restaurant in Georgia – Sushi Matsuya

As we like, Japanese food – real Japanese food not some stylized piece of flaming excrement

Now we’d previously tried a Hibachi restaurant that had sushi but no dice. Clue number one the number of Japanese people there wasn’t happening. I decline to mention that restaurant name.

However found one in North Decatur that has the following qualities that make it a place we’ll return to over and again. It is called Sushi Matsuya

Those qualities are:

– First or second generation Japanese running the place. In this particular case the accent says first generation. That’s a big old check mark in my book.
– Second Miso soup that isn’t thing and whispy. This was one where they didn’t hold back on the miso.
– Third the Nori salad or sea weed salad – now the ones we’ve had in the northeast were darker and more bitter. The ones at this particular restaurant were light green and delicious.

The restaurant as I mentioned is in North Decatur some 15 miles from here but worth the drive. It’s in the Toco Hills area. That last part – we debate if it’s TohCoh or Tahco I’ll never know I guess. I call it by the latter.

The name is Sushi Matsuya. Little store in the plaza but like I said the conditions above reigned supreme. And not that expensive, for example we had an order of spring rolls, maki rolls, Miso soup, Nori and some Sushi Rice. It was all of $41. That shocked the hell out of me. Not because it’s too high a price but just right. That ersatz place we went to was over $100 and the quality of the food was not acceptable at the ersatz Japanese place. At this restaurant though, just the scent of the restaurant itself told me this was TRUE Japanese food.

It’s address is 2899 N Druid Hills Rd, Atlanta, GA. Definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area.

And most recently we ordered a whole bunch of food from them. They were nice enough to help us to our car with the food. Love the people there too. In fact most Japanese I’ve met have been fantastic people. I recall years ago Osaki San inviting me into his kitchen. It was spotless and you could likely eat off the floor if you so chose. He also showed me how he prepared the fish and the miso soup etc. That was in two words freaking awesome. Nice guy too.

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